The Brindabella Bushwalking Club is the largest walking club in the Canberra region. The club was first established as the YMCA Family Bushwalking Club in 1969 when parents of children attending YMCA camps decided the walks the children were enjoy should also involve parents.

The club organised regular meetings at first monthly, then quarterly, as well as pack walks, car camps, day walks and other social events.  Walkers were encouraged to learn first aid and bushcraft.

The club formally separated from the YMCA in 1977 and incorporated as the Family Bushwalkers Incorporated that year and expanded its program to include moonlight walks, cycling and walking trips and navigation courses.

The name was then changed to Brindabella Bushwalking Club at the Annual General Meeting in late 2011.

The club was often known colloquially by its three letter initials F B I but these were avoided on this site as they invited lots of spam for guns, ammunition, and kevlar jackets, and the club is much friendlier than that.  We are now known as B B C and sometimes confused with a large foreign media organisation.