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Brindabella Bushwalking Club (BBC) is based in Canberra, ACT, has around 400 members, and offers a wide range of walking opportunities.  These include half-day and full day walks on Wednesdays, and full day walks on Saturdays and Sundays.

Bushwalks suitable for families with young children are also offered.

The club is a member of Bushwalking NSW and supports their Policy on Natural Areas.

A new walks program is produced twice a year, covering six months of activities including bushwalks, urban walks, and other activities to suit all standards of walkers.

Day walks usually take place in Canberra, rural areas of the ACT including Namadgi National Park, and nearby New South Wales.

The membership year is from 1 October to 30 September.

If you can’t find what you would like to know in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below, please ask using the Contact Form.

Walking Activities

The club walking program consists mainly of day walks on Saturday and Sunday, but there are also overnight pack walks.

Mid-week day and half day walks are held every Wednesday – many in conjunction with the other Canberra-based clubs.  More information on these is in the next section.

If there is sufficient interest, the club also conducts short, very easy walks suitable for families with young children, i.e., under 10 years old. The pace is slow, with a long stop for morning tea, and attractions for children are usually included. Local family walks are typically of two hours duration or, if outside Canberra, half a day.

Popular features of the club program are longer trips away which usually involve base camping or staying in cabins or similar accommodation and doing a series of day walks with light packs.  There is usually at least one overseas trip each year.

You are welcome to join us on a walk – click in the Green box below to see the current program.  Members should login to the Members Area to see the complete program that includes leaders’ names.
Spring Ck Gorge
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Day Walks on Wednesday

Short/Easy Wednesday walks

These half-day walks of 10 km or less are held throughout the year.  If you are interested, come and try some of the walks.

Easy/Medium Wednesday walks

These are conducted every Wednesday in cooperation with the Canberra Bushwalking Club (CBC). They are graded at the upper level of ‘Easy’ or the lower level of ‘Medium’.  They will usually take most of the day, but will be easier than the Medium/Hard Wednesday walk to be conducted on that day.

Medium/Hard Wednesday walks

Medium/Hard Wednesday walks are conducted in cooperation with CBC and the National Parks Association (NPA).  These walks are Medium (grade 8) to the lower end of Hard (grade 12); sometimes difficult or exploratory; and walkers will feel exercised.

Notification of Wednesday Walks

Descriptions of Wednesday walks are emailed separately to interested members a few days before the walk.  Members wishing to regularly receive details of these walks need to send a request showing their name and email address to for the Short walks, and/or for the Easy/Medium and Medium/Hard walks.  

Information for members

Meeting Times and Places

The normal departure time is 9.00 am, unless shown otherwise.  Note that a walk highlighted with *** indicates a different starting time OR a non-standard starting location (possibly both).

Please arrive 10 minutes before the departure time to allow the leader time to organise the car-pooling. The usual meeting places and their symbols are shown below. Please do not stand on the roadway at the meeting place, obstructing traffic.

K:       Kambah Village shopping centre car park, corner Drakeford Drive and Marconi Crescent, opposite the petrol service station
NL:     North Lyneham shops, Colville St, off Montford Circuit, off Cossington Smith Crescent
Q:       Queanbeyan Swimming Pool car park, Campbell Street
S:        Spotlight Queanbeyan car park, 6-8 Bungendore Rd (aka Kings Highway)
W:      The Weston Creek Tennis Courts car park, in Dillon Close, which comes off Namatjira Drive directly opposite and north of McDonalds at Cooleman Court.


Car sharing is arranged at meeting places. The contribution for each passenger is shown in the walk description. It is currently based on 12 cents per passenger per kilometre, rounded to the nearest dollar.

Facebook site

The Facebook page provides additional information for members and non-members alike with photos, walk reports and much more. Visit it at: You can set your facebook page to receive notifications every time there is a new post.

Family Walks

The Family Group is part of the Brindabella Bushwalking Club. We have a program of walks for families with children.  The children in our group are mostly of primary school age and are able to walk 5 km or longer. Some of the kids have been bushwalking since they were babies! 

Walks are held on the last Sunday of each month during school term. The walks start at 10.00 am and finish around 12.30 pm, and include breaks for morning tea and time for kids to explore. The walks are not hard but can involve some steep climbs. Once a year we have a camping weekend in spring.

Details of the walks are routinely emailed to members who have indicated they are interested in going on these walks.

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