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When can I start?


Who do I contact?

The person leading the activity, whose contact details are shown in the program. Please do not attempt to book in via text message, as our leaders will need to speak to you to confirm a few things first (e.g. that you are suitably fit and equipped for the grading of walk).

Wednesday Walks?

BBC conducts Easy half-day (or shorter) Wednesday walks, and the three Canberra clubs share responsibility for organising full-day Easy/Medium and Medium/Hard Wednesday walks; i.e. if you are a BBC member you can attend any of these, no matter which club the leader is from.
When you become a member, you can ask to be added to the email list for these walks, and can also opt out of at any time (information on how to be added to the email lists is shown on page 3 of each program). Descriptions of these walks are emailed separately a few days before the walk. If it is your first time, please contact the leader whose phone number is shown in the email to discuss your suitability for that grade of walk.

Do I have to be a member?

No. You can participate as a ‘visitor’ for up to three activities before being required to become members.

How do I join?

Complete and submit the online Membership Application form, or download a copy of it and then complete and submit it in accordance with the instructions on the form. In each case payment by EFT is preferred.

What about transport?

We always share transport where possible to keep costs down.

How much will it cost for each walk?

The only cost will be the petrol cost. This is calculated at a set rate of cents per kilometre per person for the total distance to and from the activity, and the amount to be paid to the driver is shown in the walk description –  note that you can only pay in cash.  The rate is adjusted by the committee when fuel prices change markedly.

How fit do I need to be?

That depends on the grade of the walk. The detailed walk description will give a good idea of the fitness level needed but discuss it with the leader when you ring to get permission to join the walk.

How hard are the walks?

The walks are graded in accordance with the club’s grading system, which appears in each program and is also available from the website. You should start with an easy walk and gradually work up the scale as you desire. A leader may decide not to accept you on a particular walk if they aren’t aware of your fitness and walking ability, because they won’t want to risk embarrassing you or adversely impacting the walk.

What do I need to take?

Sufficient water (varies with the season and duration of walk, but at least one litre), your lunch, rain jacket, basic first aid kit and money for petrol. That said, you do need a few other items depending on where you go and the time of the year – the ‘Enjoying Bushwalking’ and ‘Rules for Walkers’ links on the website provide more details. You do need to carry everything in a backpack so that your hands are free.

Do I need to wear boots?

Not really. However, it the walk is ‘off track’ boots are a good idea, especially if the grass will be wet. Other than that, any comfortable footwear will do.

Can I wear shorts?

Yes, on open tracks and fire trails, but trousers are strongly recommended for walks that go ‘off track’.

Can I wear jeans?

Yes, but only if you are not walking in the mountains. In the mountains where it is colder, wet jeans quickly become cold and heavy and put you at risk of hypothermia. Our leaders will not take you to the mountains if you are wearing jeans.

Do I need to buy anything to get started?

Definitely not; it is actually much better to delay any purchases until you are sure what you need.
Bushwalkers are famous for being a bit scruffy, so you can make do with what you can find in your wardrobe for a while. After you have been on a few activities you will have picked up some advice from others and then you can begin to acquire your own equipment. A backpack is the first purchase for most people.

Do I need a first aid kit?

Yes, everybody must carry their own basic first aid kit – the leader isn’t responsible for providing this. Suggested items are in the program.

Where do we meet?

The meeting place is determined by the location of the walk. It is usually shown as an abbreviation in the program; i.e. K, NL, Q, S and W. The decode for these abbreviations is at the website and in the program.  We car pool from here.

When does the actual walk start and finish?

Day walks will usually leave the cars by 10.00 am; i.e. the meeting time and driving distance will ensure this happens.  The time of return to the cars cannot be guaranteed, but it will usually be by 4.00 pm in winter and 6.00 pm in summer.  The walk description will show if a walk is to start earlier or finish later.  It is our custom to bring a thermos and enjoy a friendly chat after walks before driving home.

What about insurance?

BBC is a member of Bushwalking NSW and is covered by their insurance policy. Cover is provided for public liability and third-party insurance, but not for personal accidents. You should have your own ambulance cover.

Is there anything else I should know?

Everything you need to know is in the club’s website and repeated in the first eight pages of the program. You also need to bring any necessary medication and must let the leader know about any relevant medical condition (e.g. asthma) that you may have.

Any more questions?

Ask the leader.